Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics

February 8 – 13, 2016, Bressanone (Italy)

Sandro Stringari – Gross-Pitaevskii equations for two-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates

Virginie Bonnaillie-Noël – Magnetic Laplacian in sharp three-dimensional cones

Federico Laudisa – The issue of ‘local realism’ in the foundations of quantum mechanics

Luis Vega – An isoperimetric-type inequality for Dirac Hamiltonians with electro- static shell interactions

Pavel Exner – Quantum systems changing abruptly their spectral properties

Paolo Antonelli – Finite energy analysis for some hydrodynamic systems arising in the description of quantum fluids

Costanza Benassi – Decay of correlations in 2d quantum systems

Francesco C. De Vecchi – Entropy Chaos and Bose-Einstein Condensation

Giuseppe Genovese – Gibbs Measures for the DNLS equation

Per Moosavi – Non-equilibrium physics in a quenched Luttinger model

Clément Tauber – Topological edge states in two-gap unitary systems: a transfer matrix approach

Anna Vershynina – Entanglement Rates in Bipartite Systems

Daphne J. Gilbert – A new formulation of the Weyl-Kodaira eigenfunction expansion

Li Chen – Multi-vortex Solutions of the Ginzburg-Landau Equations

Marko Erceg – Characteristic length of sequences via one-scale H-measures

Domenico Finco – Schrödinger equation with non linear defect as effective model

Chiara Saffirio – From the Hartree-Fock dynamics to the Vlasov equation

Jean-Philippe Miqueu – Spectral analysis of the magnetic Laplacian in the semi- classical limit

Lorenzo Tentarelli – NLS on graphs: recent results and perspectives

Carlos Villegas-Blas – On the semiclassical limiting eigenvalue distribution for the hydrogen atom in a constant direction magnetic field

Lorenzo Zanelli – Schrödinger dynamics and optimal transport of measures on the flat torus

Max Lein – Classification of topological insulators for classical light

Davide Pastorello – Geometric description of finite-dimensional quantum systems in complex projective spaces and applications

Marcello Seri – A sub-Riemannian Santalo ́ formula and applications

Ivan Bardet – Classical and Quantum parts of the dynamics in Open Quantum System

Leonid A. Borisov – Equivalence by Chernoff for the methods of averaging of semigroups, generating by the Schrödinger-type operators

Giuseppe De Nittis – Topological nature of the Fu-Kane-Mele invariants

Davide Fermi – Zeta regularization and the Casimir effect: a functional analytic framework

Niels Benedikter – Mean-Field Dynamics of Fermionic Systems

Chiara Boccato – Quantum many-body fluctuations around nonlinear Schrödinger dynamics

Sébastien Breteaux – The Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov Equations for Bosons

Marco Falconi – Scattering theory in open quantum systems: Lindblad-type evolutions

Markus Lange – On asymptotic expansions for spin boson models

Alessandro Olgiati – Effective dynamics for a multi-component mixture of Bose- Einstein condensates

Andreas Wünsch – Self-Adjointness and Domain of the Fröhlich Hamiltonian

Jean-Claude Cuenin – Eigenvalue bounds for Dirac and fractional Schro ̈dinger operators with complex potentials

Francesco Ferrulli – Bounds for complex eigenvalues of single and bilayer graphene’s Hamiltonian operator

Orif Ibrogimov – Essential spectrum of singular matrix differential operators

Markus Holzmann – Approximation of Schrödinger operators with singular interactions supported on hypersurfaces

Anton A. Kutsenko – Periodic operators with defects of smaller dimension

Thomas Ourmieres-Bonafos – On the bound states of Schro ̈dinger operators with δ-interactions on conical surfaces

Bartosch Ruszkowski – Hardy inequalities on the Heisenberg group for convex bounded polytopes